Cheap tattoo vs quality tattoo

Back when I was just getting in to the tattoo scene in Portland Oregon, many shops that I had visited would have banners hanging on their wall.  These banners would say things like
“Cheap tattoo is not good and good tattoo is not cheap” or “be certain, tattoos are forever” or ” if you are not 18 get out”. These are just some sample of what you would see when you step into any tattoo shop.

I guess it was meant to remind us of what we are getting ourselves into. Today on the other side of the same planet, things are so different in every way.  No tattoo shops have these banners on their walls.  People seems to forget to think about what they’re getting themselves into.

I come across many stories of people who are so unhappy with the tattoos that they’ve got. They dread looking at it everyday. Worse are those that got infections from the tattoos done without proper set up.  When primary criteria for choosing where to get your tattoo done is the pricing, it often end up costing you more in the long run. Laser tattoo removals are expensive and painful. Dealing with infections is no joke.

So next time when you’re contemplating your new tattoo, think of what the banners say.  Imagine the cost of your tattoo spread out throughout your life. How much does it cost you to look at a beautiful artwork on your body each day. You’ll realize that it’s worth the investment. Your body deserves the best. ??