The care he puts into taking the natural contours and flow of the human body into account in his designs is one of the things that places Mod’s work in a league of its own. This particular blend of contrasting stylistic elements is not something in his frequent repertoire, yet is executed with ease and precision.

Foo dog tattoo

Dragons are, without a doubt, one of Mod’s favorite subjects to work with. His dragons are bold and dynamic, full of individual character and capturing an essence of movement even in stillness. He has breathed life into hundreds of different dragons in his time, and yet each and every one is brimming with its own uniqueness, often designed to fit the personality of its wearer.

Mod crafts a creative interpretation of the concepts his clients bring through the door, taking into account the nuances of unique designs and concepts as he brings them to life on the skin. Each piece is designed to complement its wearer.

The elements of Mod’s sleeves are unified through skillful use of placement and background, creating a continuous piece that flows with the structure of the body. His sleeves are designed to be full and beautiful from every angle, without stagnation or stiltedness in the design.